Favorite kitchen helpers

Hi there,

been a while. Today I wanted to show you my favorite kitchen helpers:

my favorite kitchen helpers

From left to right:

  • Blender: 25 years old Osterizer, but still works like new. I just ordered a new blade and can’t wait to test it out. Basically, I use it for smoothies and chopping nuts etc.
  • Kitchen Aid: brand new and I love it! Was my dream for many years… I had several other machines, but it’s no fun if the thing starts to smell like burnt plastic if you run it for more than 10 minutes. But this one: runs forever. I also got several attachments as gifts from my parents, of which the ice cream maker is my favorite.
  • Pestle and mortar: nothing beats homemade pesto! The thing weighs 6kg and is made of granite. And the pestle is a great ersatz ice crusher.
  • Microwave: nothing beats the fast heat. Great to melt chocolate or to sauté onions if you can’t be bothered with heating up a pan. Just chop the onion, but it in a bowl with a generous amount of butter and nuke it on high for 2 min.
  • Henry: he’s my cat, always there and always watching what I’m doing – he really is into cooking! He even stays when I cut onions, poor thing blinks because of the tears building up in his eyes. One crazy cat…


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