Porridge. For when you’re ill.

Porridge is the perfect breakfast or snack when you’re ill. It’s warm, but you don’t have to stand long in front of your stove if you feel a little weak. It’s nourishing, but light and soothing if your stomach is acting up. And it’s an absolute no-brainer to make, which comes in handy if you feel like your head is exploding.

for 1

1/4 cup (1 part) rolled oats
3/4 cups (3 parts) milk
1-3 tablespoons sugar or honey
knob of butter

blackberries (optional)

Grab your smallest pot and fill in the oats and the milk. Just remember the volumetric relation 1:3 and you’ll always have a porridge with the perfect consistency.

Bring to a light boil and let the oats cook for several minutes, until it all thickens. Add sugar and cinnamon according to your taste.

Stir in and melt the butter for extra creaminess and garnish with some blackberries.

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