I’m back!

Sorry for not posting for 2 months, but I’m back again after such a long time. There were 2 things my doctor diagnosed that somehow killed my appetite and my desire to cook: gastritis and fructose malabsorption.

The first thing meant taking antacids and not eating all that is worth living: hot food, acidic food, fried food, lots of proteins, alcohol. So, no chili, no tomato sauce on pasta, no fries, no steak, no red wine. The stomach pain is getting better now, but I still have to take the antacids for the rest of the year.

The fructose malabsorption is more of a long-term thing. The diagnosis alone took 6 days of hydrogen breath testing and it seems I will have it for the rest of my life. It’s not such a big deal, but it’s kind of unsettling if you believed for years you were lactose intolerant. It’s a more of a double edged thing: I’m terribly happy that I can eat dairy products again, but on the other hand I have to skip apples, cherries, honey and some other tasty things. So many foods I believed were good and healthy are now “bad” for me . Quite confusing. Plus, I’m back to reading every single ingredient list when grocery shopping.
Oh, and additionally: If you have fructose malabsorption, you automatically have an intolerance against sorbit (sorbitol) and other sugar alcohols (mannitol, xylitol), as they block the the few fructose transporters still left – and it’s impossible to eat 100% fructose-free.

Anyway, things are getting back to normal, I started cooking and reading recipes again and you will soon see some new stuff here. Oh, and summer vacation is not far, I’ll be traveling to France for 3 weeks.

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